April 29, 2010

If roses grow in Heaven, Lord, pick a bunch for me~Place them in my Mother's arms & tell her they're from me~Tell her that I love & miss her, & when she turns to smile, place a kiss upon her cheek and hold her for awhile~Because remembering her is easy-I do it everyday~There's an ache within my heart that will never go away. Happy Mother's Day in Heaven, Mom

Garden fairies come at dawn,
 pick  the flowers ,
 then they're gone.
 I just love seeing these little faerie gardens! I decided I had to make one for myself to entice the wee ones to my house as well. I am sure my dear Bob thinks I am out of my mind, as he drove me all over the place in search of fairies..I bought a couple, but ended up using this garden I liked her rustic look. I will add the faeries to my potted plants on the porch though. I had this large basket for years and decided to line it and add a filler for drainage at the bottom and potting soil on top. then added my mini lavender, a tiny pink flowering ground cover for rock gardens and also a blue flowering smaller plant...there are a couple small hen and chicks..but you can't see them in this the tree, that is special a few years ago, good friends from Florida, sent us some delicious kumquats from their own tree. I decided to plant a couple seeds and see if I could get a tree started and here it is. It is already in it's own pot and submerged into the planting. what I like about this, is that I can put it on my front porch where it will be protected from the wind and then bring inside under the grow lights during the winter. Here is what I  put together today.

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