February 13, 2010

Nature's Artwork in Northern Illinois

"And there you stand

Making my life possible

Raise my hands up to heaven

But only you could know

My whole world stands in front of me

By the look in your eyes

My whole life stretches in front of me

Reaching up like a flower

Leading my life back to the soil"

~David Sylvian - Brilliant Trees

Bob and I were out driving this am, and couldn't help but stop in awe of nature's beauty . We decided to  snap a few pictures. The trees appear to have been flocked by snow.  Last night it was very foggy here and a cold front came in dropping the temperature down to   -1 degree. As a result, the mosture froze to the trees like crystals. They are shimmering like diamonds in the sun today!


Along the side of the road south of town we spied a huge bird and slowed down for a look. This magnificant eagle is much larger than the picture shows. He had found an opposum for his breakfast ( who apparently didn't play dead enough! ) The eagle was unable to fly away with his meal, and stood stauntly by, as I snapped pictures.


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