January 31, 2010

Wedding of Mr. and Mrs Don Wellman Jan.30,2010

 Don and Donna were married Saturday,  Jan 30th, at the  First Congregational United Church of Christ in Lee Center with Rev. Colleen Lawrence, pastor, officiating.   There have been many Wellmans married in this church and  was also where we attended Sunday School and church in our earlier years. 

  After the ceremony, we went out for dinner and spent some time getting to know Donna's famly better and had a buffet meal that was wonderful. The Sunset had decorated their east room for the party and of course, Lee Center is a buzz for wishing  happiness to them both.We honked horns, did the tinkling the glass taps for kisses and their  marriage was toasted (and sort of roasted in good humor too !) . Donna is one of 10 children in the Lahman family; 7 in all were there yesterday. One sister, Ruth has passed away; the other 2 live out of state. 

 We were pleased Don's sister Karen, and husband, Jerry, were able to come from Ohio and join them for the ceremony. As it sometimes goes, a smaller simple wedding holds so much joy for a couple, and this was no exception, though they dearly love their entire families be present at other gatherings, this was to be as it was..a simple yet meaningful wedding day.

. Yesterday was a special day and know they would love sharing these pictures with you!

Congratulatory cards may be sent to Don and Donna Wellman, PO Box 27, Lee Center Illinois 61331

 Sharon Schnell

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