November 27, 2009

Trimming the tree...Literally!

This week Bob and I decided our old spruce tree in the front year  was in need a a is a lovely treem but the lower one foot of branches is getting out of hand and difficult to mow we gave Mr Spruce a trim!

After the trimming  was done we gathered the branches and made some boughs with pine and  red ribbon, 
 and took them to to the cemetery  decorate our loved ones grave sites  .
 After that,  we came home and made a wreath and swag for our house.
The old pine tree contributed much this year! I remember Grandma Wellman fussing with pine boughs each year..a good memory re-enacted this year!

Today is Black Friday...I am staying home this am and avoiding the shopping madness! I will probably put some Thanksgiving decorations away and reflect on the fun time we had playing Monopoly yesterday with Steph, Ryan and the kids. Our 4 year old grandson Sean is totally intriqued with my camera and wanted to contribute some photos.. Sorry about the blurring.....he hasn't got the "hold the camera still" concept yet...( ..your eyes are fine).but he did get people centered pretty well! here  isSean's Photography Debut! ( I know grandma Jill  and grandpa Bob  will be so proud  !!) 

~~~~Photography By Sean~~~~

My grandma

In Sean's words..My mom..."Queen Alopoly" ( monopoly)
((she won the game by cheating))

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