November 16, 2009

If Our Christmas Tree could Talk

I was looking at this picture the other day. It is an old stone shed my dad built back in the early 1940's.(?) When seeing all this snow, I was remembering the week before Christmas when we would  bring   a fresh cut Christmas tree into the house. ( this would be after 2-3 weeks whaling " Mom..Tille has her tree up now, why can't we???" ) A week before Christmas, Dad would take us out to Scheirs to find a tree. Once we had a big snow storm and I cried, thinking we wouldn't get out to get a tree that year! Dad relented and took us out to get a tree. We got stuck in the snow,  returning home with a tree 5 hours later. Of course...the tree was always too big to fit inside the door let alone stand up inside the out to the shed daddy would go to cut down the trunk a bit to make it fit inside the house right.Fresh trees didn't have signs on them saying "6 feet."and I always leaned towards bigger being better  .  We had no formal tree stand. Mom had a big heavy crock which we would put lime stone or bricks inside the crock to stablize the tree. We would need to water it each day to keep it fresh. . Mom would send us out to  this  shed to dig up some stones from the frozen flower bed there ( I would later become a great admirer of the Christmas stand!)and bring into the house for the crock. Our tree  never stood up long though and soon mom would be wiring  it up in place to what ever she could use to anchor it to..usually a door casing or window sill.  Once the tree was finally  up, the fun part would start! 
Mom made cookies for our trees and had them wrapped in cellophane and tied them onto the tree with red ribbons. She had her favorite ornaments of old glass bulbs, birds and angel Christmas cards  she always hung each she had bought for her daughters years ago. I still have "my special  card" from mom. For a tree skirt, she used a red satin fabric. some times under the tree whe would place her putz village, but as grandchildren came along, the putz village was placed up on table tops.  The tree was always beautiful. We had  light bulbs then that would get very hot, so we could never leave it burning long. Dad always feared that a fire could start and had us watering the tree daily...problem was...the water would be gone by night time...and this is when we discovered our dog , Pal, was not only in there drinking the water... but also eating the cookies from the lower branches of the tree!  I mentioned earlier about the tree falling over every year ..... On Christmas day,  grandkids would delight in the tree at grandma's that had Santa face cookies hanging on it for them. They would pull themselves a cookie off the tree..except the tree usually came with the cookies!  It always  stirred up a lot of excitement seeing our dear little ones literally under the tree!
 as i look back and remember what our tree would have talked about..I have to think our tree would also say what wonderful parents those Wellman kids had!

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