July 12, 2009

A new blog to see!

Mom, we shall always think of you wandering through a garden, like that which you fashioned with your own hands, where flowers never fade and no cold wind of sorrow blights our hopes and plans....And on your face, the peace of one whose whole life through, walked with God ...always optimistic and appreciative of life's blesssings.
Your Devoted Daughters

Recently Jane and Teresa purchased Grandma Wellman's home...Jane has started a blog Stone Home Farm and plans to update improvements on the blog . . It would be great venue to share improvements . Bringing a home back to life again is a huge undertaking, but they have what it takes in their hearts and abilities. I know many of you all will be interested...please stop by and give them a thumbs up!! .

My heart is , knowing moms house is in good hands.
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