July 19, 2009

Never To Old..(.I think!)

Last year, after seeing the great pictures my nieces were getting of the kids, I just had to have myself a good camera. I went to Best Buy and spoke to this nice young man and said " I know absolutely nothing about taking pictures and need a camera that is " Grandma Friendly". He smiled at that statement and brought out Sony's Digital Still Cyber Shot which he said was complete with a duo digital card and also had a very good hand book of instructions with it...."a piece of cake..the camera does the work for you", he assured me. When I got home there was no handbook to be seen, so I thought...I found it today in the original box...a CD ! OK.......did I tell you I was slow about today's new technology??? I put the CD into the computer and read through the instructions and found this young man really did sell me a nice camera! Not only does it have a good automatic feature for Grandmas with no camera skills, but has some good advice for getting larger prints showing you how to get better settings, it also takes movie shots, and has a setting that I can use to play on HDTV. We plugged it into the TV last night and sure enough, it does! We are taking the family to Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. I will be sure to get some good shots of Jeremy and Sean .It will give me a chance to experiement on different settings, even those with active little boys! I now even know how to take off all the old pictures I don't need to keep anymore! Here is a practice shot to try out my auto adjustment first. As hard as it is to believe..I never knew what the camera was set on before! I think the salesman saw that coming and had it set for me in advance..LOL What is this you ask? It is a little basket I put two diffuser jars inside that Stephanie gave me..thought they were kind of cute and plan on doing a Fall craft project with them one of these days.
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