May 17, 2009

Our Trip to Franklin Creek and Dixon War Memorial Garden

Today was time with grandma and grandpa and Uncle Matt. We picked up the boys and first went to show them the helicopter , jeep, tank and other things in the Dixon War memorial gardens...the boys were infatuated by the gunners on the helicopter and the huge tank. We talked a bit of their purpose and the brave men that flew the helicopter and drove those tanks so they could enjoy freedom today.
From there we went to the woods in Franklin Park's Mill Springs. this was quite an adventure for both boys and Uncle Matt did a good job keeping up with them! On the way to the springs they saw people fishing, frogs, a swimming snake, geese, and even two turtles swimming. Mill springs looks the same as it always has since Bob and I went there in our youth...climbing the same rocks the boys did. Franking township has done a wonderful job creating a great park for all to enjoy. We decided we needed to bring mom and dad with us next time for a picnic . Sean and Jeremy threw bread crumbs in for the fish, who were a little shy today.

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