April 1, 2009

Easter's on It way !

2 weeks later....the tree branch has new leaves!

Easter is a week from Sunday, and it won't be long until we celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior. I have plans made for a family ham dinner, Easter egg hunt for the grand kids and a treasure hunt. the boys will love this one. I make up clues and hide them and they have to find the new destination for another reach the final "treasure"...which I haven't decided on yet, but they will like it! I fixed this tree up to hang some hand made cloth eggs from..easy to do and embellished with trims. I have it sitting in a planter of live English ivy grown for years by my mom. It isn't a perennial so I always bring some inside to carry over from year to year. I have several pots of it thriving under grow lights in my basement and will set them out in May with the geraniums. The teddy bear was crocheted by a lady at the nursing home I work at. Eventually it will be given to my sil as she collects teddy bears, but for now he is busy decorating a budding lilac bush.
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