March 28, 2009

Say Cheeeeese !

My Very First Camera
My nieces and friends have been showing us their newer cameras and it got me to thinking how much has changed over the years. I have decided to show you my very first one . I do have a newer camera that I love, and by most standards, is probably obsolete in itself. However,I am finally learning how to use it!
(Now this is the part that you can really tell my age..... )
In 1958, I asked my dad if I could send a post card to enter a contest to win a camera. He was post master and so my request was soon filled out and in the mail! A post card won me my first camera! . Time had passed and about 5 months later, a box arrived in the mail for me. By that time I had lost all hope of winning a contest, so was very surprised to find my self the owner of a brand new "Agfa" sure shot camera that was said to use plentacrome film. Actually this was much like a Brownie box camera...and it took very good I thought!. My parents were a little sceptical of my newly found photography interest...especially my mom. I had this habbit of sneaking up and taking pictures of her at work in the yard , Most of them were not her best view, as she would be bent over weeding! My favorite subject was my dog...Pal.
I have hung on to this camera for many years fact it has been on display in my house for a long time. I have even decorated it ! Here is a picture of dad and pal that I took with this jewel .

Dad and "Pal"

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