January 1, 2009

Telling a bedtime story

One thing I have always remembered since a child, was my mom holding me in her wicker rocking chair and telling me a bedtime story ...or singing some songs to me. It was a special time that I enjoyed and since have been able to remember many of the stories she would use. Many classic stories have carried on through generations. They are reminiscent of time past, but their themes have stayed with us and will carry on in our lives as we go into our future.

One of Sean's favorite books is called Goodnight Moon. It seems to set a good tone for bedtime. Knowing a little about how children think, I think I understand what makes it so appealing to Sean -- the ritual of saying good night to familiar objects helps reassure him when he stays overnight with us away from mom and dad..., separation from parents can be scary for tiny kids, so we let him sleep with either grandpa, his big brother or me. .
Last night I told Sean the following stories...Tortoise and the Hare ,The Princess and the Pea, Goldilocks and The Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf, and then Cinderella, at which point he fell asleep as grandma told him about the big dance ( the castle ball and prince charming ..not as exciting as the big bad wolf blowing down the pig's house!
I often change events in a story to keep them how Peter Rabbit was usually a good little bunny and obeyed him mom and helped her by picking up his toys..LOL....but this one time his was not doing what his mom said and got into big trouble with Mr McGregor! I love to exaggerate the sound effects and events, making them funny and happy times.. not scary ones.
Being a grandmother, makes it even more fun to tell a story to a child... You see their mind open to a new world, as they listen so intently to what you have to say.
Here is a website I came across that would be fun for little ones to interact with.
drewmark19 said... Here's another great site for animated/audio books:

What are your favorite bedtime stories?
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