January 5, 2009

My Goal for the New Year..A new looking me!

I have some serious health issues and I guess one could say I am morbidly obese...oh how I hate saying that...but sadly, it is true. My goal this year is to eat sensibly and try very hard to lose some weight. If any one here reading this has some good meal ideas that are low fat and low cal..I am all in need! The whole situation is quite distressing to me, but enough said...the diet started today!The word "stressed" makes perfect sense when you realize that it is "desserts" spelled backwards. I have such a love for sweets. I stumbled across this delicious chocolate drink ( thanks to my sister Helen) that has only 60 calories and only takes one minute to make. It is called Swiss Miss Sensible Sweets ( ww points 1) I am drinking a cup of hot chocolate, guilt free, as I type this post out...and know each here will enjoy it as much as I do. I am kind of following the Mediteranian diet plan, using whole wheat products, fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat but do use olive or canola oil products, including a margerine...supposedly it is the good cholesterol type! Wishing all a happy and healthy New Year and dieting success for those also trying to shed some weight!
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