December 22, 2008

Old Toys Gatherings...

Early 1900's Child's story book Country Playmates
...and Town Acquaintances

1950's Snow Globe

Old 1950's top

Christmas Attic Treasures

Stuck under one of my trees is an old top, snow globe , my old 1950's old doll and a child's story book . The snowglobe was property of my Mil, given to her by her son in 1956. It says "souvenir of Chicago Il" The doll was my last doll from "Santa" , the book a gift from mom from the 1930's, and the top I purchased a couple years ago for $4.00, because it reminded me of one I had received as a child. Sister Karen and i would play with it on the dining room linoleum floor. this one still works fine, according to Jeremy and Sean. Jeremy said he had it spinning a couple minutes! The red boot is something I made this from a good memory I have . Mom had my brothers boot over 60 years and painted it red and added cotton to the top of it to look like a Santa boot..actually it was once a cowboy boot Don wore as a little hung under moms porch light every Christmas that I can remember. I decided to make some little red boots for some of the grandkids this year.
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