November 8, 2008

How to make a tree turkey

I had the grandsons overnight last night and we made us some turkeys to hang up on grandma's Thanksgiving tree. Supplies needed are pinecones..nice fat ones( scented ones are sold at Wal-Mart's for 4.00 a bag of 12) pipe stem cleaners ( red, and yellow ) and two packages of colored feathers for turkey tails( these are also sold at Wal-Mart at about 1.oo and package ( makes four) buckeyes ( found outside here in Illinois..or another nut hickory or pkg at supermarket this time of year for the head., and small clothespin for clipping onto tree( Wal-Mart's) you see I mainly buy craft supplies at wally world! LOL
Hot glue the feathers into the back of the flatter side of the cone. Glue buckeye into place adding the yellow beak by folding a smaller 1/4 inch piece pip cleaner in half. The red turkey waddle ( beard) under the beak, is a pipe stem folded in half and glued into place also....attach clothes pin clip to underside of turkey and  hang them up!

     Gobble  Gobble Gobble!
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