September 9, 2008

Sweet Autumn Clematis

I really love this vine. Every September, it starts blooming until the first frost, then dried out and has a neat dried flower look to it most the winter. I see lots of honey bees out there buzzing around for some nectar, so the bees are alive and well here in Illinois!

A vigorous grower, it covers my log cabin bird feeder

and my other gazebo feeder as well!

We took the boys for a ride in the car the other day.They thought this creek would be a neat place to throw rocks again, but this time grandma just took pictures!

and we found a buckeye tree! These are always fun to play around with. As kids ,we would string them as necklaces. Bob is going to drill holes in these for the boys to string up for necklace for eh..I bet she can't wait to wear that to work! . They aren't edible...often referred to as a poisonous we need to teach the boys about not eating buckeyes. They had a great day!

Wild flowers along the road

Wild little boys in the Car!

Here is a neat thing to try...adding water effects to a photo!Anyone can do it! Just click on this link , upload a photo from your computer and voila' instantaneous water effect.

Water Effect

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