August 2, 2008

Some Great Rummage Sale Finds

I really love it when I come across a good rummage sale! Friday am, Bob, Jeremy and I went to a town wide rummage sale in a community nearby us. We found several great bargains, but these two really were special! We had the caravan packed so full...we looked like a group from the Beverly Hillbillies ...with Jeremy riding shotgun in the big chair! It was a fun day!
We also found several baking pans , ..a "new" steam iron and deep fat fryer, clothing,wool fabric, a horseshoe to hang for good luck...(Jeremy was skeptical about that),toys for the grandsons, sachets, vintage linens, ornaments and more.

This over sized sofa chair is indeed as comfy as it looks!...25.00 with ottoman.Nice and clean..needs a little sewing repair on the cushion of the ottoman..
This is a display table with a door in front to insert memorabilia or collections under glass. We paid 20.00 for excellent condition too!
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