August 8, 2008

School Days School Days, Good Old Golden Rule Days...
~Meet My Huckleberry~

Here it is, already time for School to be starting...just where did the summer go? As a matter of fact, where did the last 50 years go???? It doesn't seem that long ago that my dad walked me up to the school house, holding my hand, telling me about all school and all the new friends I would be meeting. Not that long ago, I was taking my daughter and sons to school, telling them the same thing.

We were happy. We loved school. We cared about each other. We were a family away from home. It was fun. We were safe.

Our kindergarten room at LC grade school had a fresh shellac aroma over the squeaky tan floor tiles. It was so shiny, that if in our stocking feet, we could slide a long ways down a hall, if not caught by the teacher, that is.

We would take field trips to the woods and learn about the animals and wild flowers that grew there, and could name most the trees, or identify a bird by its call. What a magnificent view to learn perspective and a deep respect for nature.

Every day we would walk to and from school, rain or shine. When I walked alone, I would carefully NEVER step on a crack between the cement sidewalk blocks....would chant.."step on a crack and you'll break your mother's back" .

When it was really cold outside, we were given recess inside the gymnasium. It was very loud and somehow I imagine the teachers must had dreaded rainy days! We would play kick ball, basketball, volleyball and tag. ..there were some pretty piercing screams in there!
In 6th grade, Mrs Frost would teach us about democracy and what the price freedom meant. One thing that always stood out in my mind was when she would tell us how Communist would cut off people's tongues for punishment....talking about freedoms, for example. Sitting in her classroom was always a learning experience for me. . She knew us well and she cared that we understood the blessing of living in a free country. She showed the class my designs in art and said how talented I was. Boy, did I feel important!

I attended school in the church annex through grade three and in the larger HS through 8th Grade. Our HS closed and we were transferred to another town for high school. . I had such wonderful loving teachers all through school, but I believe to this day, my favorites were Mrs Marcheisi and Mrs Frost.My mom was one of the school's cooks, so my sisters and I always had a watchful eye on how well we "cleaned out plates",and more than once, heard at home how children were starving in China. Our school yard had an old fashioned Merry go round .We also a set of swings and Monkey bars. I often think of music sessions with the tambourines, click sticks and bells and what beautiful music I thought we made. My favorite song was Yankee Doodle Dandy.

It was in High School that I met and dated the young man I would later marry in 7 years.. Bob was my High School sweetheart.He was a shy young man at I thought, but later showed his true personality, which has kept me laughing and happy,
for over 40 years..with Bob there has never been a dull moment. After High School, Bob entered the US Air Force , and I went into nurses training to become an RN. We married in 1966 and lived in Amarillo Texas for 3 years. . Here are a few grade and HS pictures I brought out of the picture albums to show.
As School resumes this month, I want to salute all the teachers, teachers assistants, cooks, and bus drivers out there and bless them all for their dedication to our children and grandchildren.

Many thanks!
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