July 27, 2008

Old Buttons, Spools, or other Storage Needs???
Collectible Old Ball Jars For Sale
(Hurry! they are going fast! )

I have had access to these wonderful vintage blue green jars. I use them in my kitchen for storage of raisins, nuts, or other food items and in the sewing room for sorted threads, bobbins etc.. they have lots of storage and decorative uses. I bought some new vintage looking lids for these..most are the black color but do have a couple rusty ones as well. If interested in buying these for storage, I will sell them at 3.00 each plus postage, or the dozen for 35.oo plus postage, lids included.. ( If no lids needed, I will sell jars at 2.00 each plus postage.)At the present time, extra lids to sell separately are not available, and will come with the jars only. I have many jars, but once jars are sold, I will remove this offer. I have a Paypal account, accept checks and money orders within the continental USA . All shipments will be made by priority mail with a delivery confirmation . Thanks for your inquiries! For more info,
Thanks to Ann Marie for leaving this comment!
This simple Life said...
If you are thinking about getting any of these jars, DO IT. You won't be disappointed. I got mine today and am please as punch!
June 25, 2008 12:02 PM

Grab a basket and pick some strawberries!

No Bake Strawberry Pie
2 containers of fresh strawberries
1 low fat graham cracker crust
1 box sugar free strawberry jello
1 box sugar free vanilla pudding
1 container lite cool whip (optional)

-cut strawberries into halves or quarters-set aside
-cook instant pudding but use water instead of milk
-add dry jello and cook together until well blended (recipe said 10 minutes but it did not take that long)-set aside till cool
-pour a layer of strawberries into the pie crust
-pour a layer of pudding mixture
-continue to layer until strawberries and pudding mix is gone
-set over night in the refrigerator to set up
-best topped with light cool whip or light whip cream
prep time:15 min.
cook time: 10 minutes

Family Memories from my Sister, Helen

this is an exerpt of an email from aunt helen..I am includingit here for family oand others that may enjoy reading about life in the good old days!

Henry's store seemed so big; he even had some clothing and shoes. One time I needed tennis shoes and they bought me a pair of red ones; soles and top were all red. It was just after the war, not a lot available yet. Mom was always delighted when he would "save" her some sugar or honey. Also, remember going to Amboy to shop on Sat. nights? We kids sometimes got to go to the "show"; usually Roy Rogers, etc. There was an ice cream shop down some steps nearby the movie theater, called Fanellies where we sometimes bought an ice cream cone. Our refrigerator at home had a very small freezer; just big enough for ice cube trays and something else that would have to be very small, so we were not able to keep ice cream there. Another memory is going to McNinches store where they had one dip for a nickel; 2 for a dime and you could have your single dip...dipped in chocolate or butterscotch ( and nuts) for an extra nickel. Once I had a nickel that was burning a hole in my pocket; Mom and I were at the store and I wanted to buy and ice cream cone or candy with it. She said "no" and I put the nickel in my mouth and swallowed it(LOL). Dumb kid!!!!! Mom told me the story of how they once left me sitting on the counter at the grocery store in Amboy. They had bought their groceries, loaded them up and set off for home. They realized they had left me there after they were nearly home; found me still sitting on the counter with the store clerk visiting with me. They were probably figuring the folks would be back; we did not have a phone at home for them to call. Hard to believe that the whole time I was living at home, they did not have a telephone. There was the telephone office downtown and dad felt that was all we needed in case of an emergency. They had to live frugally to make ends meet; once I was at a ladies circle meeting and the questioned was asked.."what was your favorite Christmas present when you were a child?" We each took turns telling the rest of the group our story; I was at a loss at first as I did not remember any special toy. As the rest elaborated on there magnificent memories of great gifts and going to Grandparents; I still was at a loss as to what to say. When it came to me..I explained we really did not receive big toys, nor did we have a "toy box" that I remember. I did have wonderful memories of decorating the house and tree; Moms cookies, and the socks with apples and oranges on Christmas morning. One memory that I cherished was the Christmas skaters village Mom created under the tree. We would lay on the floors gazing at it in wonder and I think one year I actually feel asleep there. I finished up my story with " I have wonderful memories of Christmas at home; and the greatest gift that my parents gave us was that we were poor and didn't know it". A lady by the name of Viola Holmes came up to me later and commented on how I had received the greatest gift of all; she was an elderly lady and surely could relate to the time that our parents raised us. I have tears in my eyes just thinking of those days; don't we wish we could have one more day of those times back to relive. Remember Cindy and Karen, the "flower shop" we would create in the old garage with fruit jars for our vases and pretty weeds for flowers? Another memory of summer is washing the fruit jars for canning. Because I had skinny arms and small hands; I got to wash the insides to be sure they were clean. Mom would can, can and then can some more. We had a locker at the cold locker storage in Amboy where meat was kept; whenever I go into a meat shop such as in Sublette; the smell there reminds me of when we went to Amboy to get some meat from the locker. And remember Mrs. Pomeroy and her gladiolus? We would go there and buy a bouquet for Mom; I wonder just how much we actually paid her? I have a hunch our nickels probably bought a bouquet;

added note: Mrs Pomroy had the most gorgeous glads..I remember her making bouquets for church every week as well.

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