July 29, 2008

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This is a sample of what I will be featuring here at the Gathering Room ( this one has been sold) , this early fall, to sell one of a kind candle lamps. After showing them early this year, that featured Hazelruth's pattern for baby vintage shoes... It was requested that i make these special lamps up for early Christmas shopping. I will get a shopping cart on line here for credit card and pay pal, as well as standard payment, plus about 6-8 lamps, all unique, so come back and check them out, as they will be reasonably priced! I have to finish canning from the garden now, but will have these to offer early Fall . If you sign up on the Blogrithms, you will get my new posts...thanks for the many compliments, and to Cathy whose patterns are the best!

Some wonderful memories of summer
at the home place.

Summer is here in it's glorious ways and has me thinking What wonderful ,carefree times we spent as children. I was remembering just this last week, the "summer night" rides we would take in dad's car, with windows rolled down and the cool country air hitting our faces as he drove along country roads. He would check out farmers crops, often taking his bus route he used to pick up school children that fall, and killing time while our cooled down after a hot Summer day. We could hear crickets and the buzz of an occasional June bug... In the distance , a creek , would be the croaking of frogs. Those evening rides were blissful and so relaxing, listening to mom and dad talk of events of the day, or about a new building, how high the corn was, or asking us about our day. When we would get home we would sit out under the old elm tree and hear the locusts buzzing away ...such a peaceful time of night, an occasional hooting owl and the voices of neighborhood children playing in the late evening. None of us had air conditioners in our homes back then, so it was customary to stay outside until after 9 pm. dad would use fans to exhaust theheat from the house and bring the cool night air in. Every summer, mom and dad would take us out to Henry Shawn's woods to go raspberry picking.They grew wild there and Henry had paths cut out to walk through to pick the berries...we would get buckets of them..and lots of berries in our bellies too! Mom would can these berries and use them for cobbler during the winter..always a treat for us! Those are wonderful memories , and indelible in my mind today. I will forever remember sitting outdoors in the quiet of the evening listening to the folks tell stories about their past. I have written down some of these to share with my grandchildren and nieces , many of which you have already seen in this blog. I remember the big garden my dad always had and in later years, mom put in a garden that would have fed 30 families! ( and did as she gave much away to anyone that needed produce) . I used to take mom 's salt shaker down to the garden, snap off a pepper , red ripe tomato or cucumber...and eat it right there off the plant! Who needed to take one a day vitamins when you had a garden like ours? My sisters and I made fairies of holly hocks and in later years taught our own children the same....and our grandchildren as well....a timeworn tradition, and always fascinating to a child. and to see if we had a boyfriend or not, we would placed dandelions or buttercups under our chins..if they turned yellow...we had a boyfriend all right!! and with daisies, ..He loves me, he loves me many of you did that? I loved laying on the grass in the Summer , making chains ( necklaces) from dandelion stems. I was a dreamer and loved looking at the sky and the ever changing cloud patterns. On a hot day the grass was always wonder old Pal , our dog liked it so, I did too! One thing though..I always got chiggers from it! Mom treated them with clear nail polish and said they would go away..and they did.I love making bouquets from moms flowers and putting them on the table. Ever since I can remember, I enjoyed flowers...something I no doubt inherited from her. She had a seven sisters rose, and to our dismay, we lost it when transferring flowers when selling the house. It was clusters of little red roses, an old fashioned rose, that was once my grandmothers. We do have starts of our grandmothers pink cottage rose though..and it is growing well! I used to remove the pedals and dry them and put them in my dresser drawers.On the fourth of July we would enjoy playing with sparklers and caps for our cap guns..bang bang bang ..all day! Once dad let us have some firecrackers..what a racket that was! That night we would sit on the top of the old shed and watch the fireworks coming up from amboy's firworks display , about 4 miles away..or if dad was willing..would take us to the park, where they also had a carnival! I have a very bad memory of that canival though, my sister karen throwing up while on the twirl a whirl...boy did she let it fly!! We found some very old and time worn fire crackers in the basement a couple years ago, sitting "far back" on a ledge. I guess they hid them from us there...after so much celebrating, the racket got to be too much I guess! LOL We also played with these paper 'mache streamer like things you would swirl around you and they would making a whizzing noise...they were fun. Mom let us make wire hoops for blowing bubbles with dish soap, and usually ended up with soap in our eyes somehow..that stung!I still enjoy playing the yard games with my grand kids, Sean and Jeremy. If you go back into my blog several posts back, I have them all listed and how to play them. Hop scotch, Mother may I , tag, Evy Ivy Over, Lemonade, etc..such a wonderful thing for families to play games together..even grandmas!My favorite time of day is early mornings..but I still enjoy going out on the patio and night , and listening to the birds and nature signing off for the day ... A cup of coffee a beautiful sunset and my dear doesn't get any better than that!
Enjoy your summer!

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