July 23, 2008

First Cucumbers and Tomatoes Are Ready!

Oh Yum! The 'Maters are here...these are the grape tomatoes that come on early( 60 days after planting the plants) . They are smaller and much like a Roma tomato and early to enjoy while waiting for the larger tomatoes to ripen! I grew these in large half barrel planters on my patio and they grew a good 6 foot tall, so far. The barrels are standing next to a 5 foot wooden privacy fence and the tomato plants are presently growing over the fence. They have done well in the heat from higher temps and located over a cement patio. They required a lot of water and I fertilize them about every two weeks with Miracle Grow. I would recommend mulching the planter and using a wired support. I made a circular fencing frame that went around the barrels and was 4-5 foot high and has the larger fencing design , so you can reach in and pick tomatoes, something you can't easily do with chicken wire, for example. The cucumbers were a bush type, and good for canning. I see I have a huge harvest waiting to be picked, which I will be doing tomorrow and making some bread and butter pickles.
Also I like to make cucumber salad.
1 cup sour cream, 1 cup mayo, dill weed, 2 T sugar, salt and pepper, and add this to a bowl of sliced cucumbers.Sometimes I will add a few sliced peppers as well. Chill before serving..always a big hit at our house.
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