June 29, 2008

Lets go for a Garden Walk!

Dang those mosquitoes though! You better put on on repellent before we get started!! Most of these plants came from my beloved mom...I wonder now, if she knew how much pleasure they would give me one day? I think she they certainly did her! OK lets get started!

And here are some more things to see!

Future canned green beans....

.....And Tomatoes

Moms old white chair gets a new assignment..hide the air conditioner!

Show Me Wednesday--Your Americana Decor

An Old mail box converted into a bird house

Would you believe..this is a wooden quilt?
Photo by Primcyn
I have always wanted one of these quilts . We don't see too many in our state, but if you were to take a drive in the country in Iowa , Tennessee ,Indiana, Kentucky and a few other places, you will see plenty on some very old barns and corn cribs..maybe a few on fences and signs as well.. I don't have a barn but have a front porch and a fence. I decided to do a patriotic one for the front porch first, and this was the final result. When not quite so windy, I will set Matilda my life sized lady with a red hat , out on the chair to wave at travelers as they pass by...she is friendly that way! I think they will notice the quilt too , don't you?To make this, I purchased a 4 by 4 ft piece of plywood, lightly sanding it and added two coats white house paint. when dry, I drew out the pattern blocks I saw on a quilters website. I believe this was called Amish Star, an appropriate name, as we live in an area where Amish have settled. It also happens we love a patriotic theme, so this worked out well for us. I lightly penciled the color they were to be painted to avoid confusion..and it does get confusing . It took 2 coats paint and only one day to work on it. I used a spray sealant and Bob hung it up , using four wood screws in the pre-drilled corners.Here are some fantastic websites that talk about these barn quilts and also one tells how to make was actually a very easy and quick project! Quilts of Pocahontas CountyBarn Quilts of Washington CountyIowa Barn FoundationOhio Quilt BarnsAdams County Ohio Quilt Sampler ProjectNot Barn Yesterday: A Clothesline of Quilts in AppalachiaQuilt Trail (Northeast Tennessee)Patchwork Jewels of Monroe County (Ohio)Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage AreaWay back when barn quilts
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