March 29, 2008

May Day Baskets

Each May 1st, my sisters and I always looked forward to celebrating May day. We lived in a small community and would fill our wagon up with May baskets and make the rounds of friends and elderly people we wished to give a May basket to. Most had popcorn and candy in them, but the special ones for a couple elderly neighbor ladies, had violets we would pick and put in them. I think my favorite kind to make were the wall paper cones baskets. We would take crepe paper in pretty spring colors and fringe it with scizzors, and wrap the strips around the cone, attaching with glue. These always looked very frilly and pretty! Surprise someone you know and love with a special May Day basket this year! I hope to get some done for some residents I know at the nursing home and hang them on their doors.

May Day (May 1st) is celebrated in many places around the world. The traditions and stories surrounding May Day vary from place to place. There is, however, one thing that is similar in most celebrations - the use of Flowers! Placing these on a neighbors doorknob knock and quickly disappear...the trick is you don't want them to see you !.. if you get caught, you supposedly get a kiss!

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