December 6, 2007

Memories of Christmas

May God be with each of you this Christmas and bless you with the love and spirit that He has given each of us, through His Son, Jesus Christ. My parents have been gone for years now, but as I read this poem recently, I realize that mom and dad's presence remain with us each day of the year, especially at Christmas. Our dear Sue, Deb and Joanie left us early in their lives but still remain by our sides in spirit , as we sit around our Christmas tree. Merry Christmas to my family and friends...where ever you be...and in our moms and grandmother's words. "I love you"
Christmas Memories

Jingle bells, cookie smells,
Goodies on the tree,
The sights and sounds of Christmas
Are everywhere to see.
So be not sad, or wish for one
Who is no longer here,
If you but pause and think awhile
You’ll find them very near.
For none is ever so far away
Our thoughts can’t set them free
To speed their way ‘cross miles or time
To join us here in memory.
I don’t believe that anyone
Is ever truly gone,
For all it takes is just one thought,
To bring their memory home.
So friend, if you’ve ever wondered
What if she or he were here,
All needs to be done is think of them,
And suddenly, they’re near.
So Christmas then, or Christmas now,
Even Christmas not yet here,
Your thoughts and memories have the power
To bring your loved ones near.
Just close your eyes and think of them
And in your mind you’ll see,
All the ones you’ve ever loved
Around your Christmas tree.
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