August 11, 2017

howard wellman

It was this time of month that I lost my brother Howard Wellman Jr. and also lost my father, Howard Sr...Both were such wonderful men and special dads that blessed the lives of many... especially my dear family.
Memories of our family ...and childhood are what shape our personality and who we are. Whether we like it (or not), our personality is formed by our parents, brothers, sisters, and the environment that we grew up in. I was so fortunate to have been raised in a family as we had! We realize that our past continues to affect who we are. Thank you for your unselfish love, dad and Howie! We miss you so much, but know you are always walking along side us, and guiding us with your words of wisdom and enduring love, ..that will never vanish. 

This is dad having some fun while traveling in the Appalachians.
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