February 18, 2017


there are some family stories you may want to forget ever happened..this is one of them Janine shared this am on FB  LOL
Public service announcement: it is skunk mating season in OH. Karli evidently interrupted a moment last night and was sprayed in the face. I didn't realize it until she made it to the living room. We slept with our windows open last night and are frantically cleaning her and the carpet where she rubbed her head with a concoction hoping to get rid of the smell. Our apologies in advance as I am sure you will smell us coming for awhile. Skunks are now my least favorite creature right up there with snakes.
Jane Hill Urig OH NO!!! That is not good!!!!
Carla Collier Oh no! So sorry!!!! 😳😬😝
Janine Roth Scandlon It is NOT good at all. Slightly panicked would describe our house at midnight last night. My bonus was supposed to go for a new AC unit (a need due to my allergies and ours has died) but new flooring may have just moved to the need list, previously delegated to the want list. .
Cindy Boyenga This is right up there with worst memory you wished never happened.LO so sorry 
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