January 31, 2017

Next stop Vicksberg Mississippi

When returning from Texas, we stopped by Vicksburg Ms.  A lovely drive to take (once we got out of San Antonio and Houston.)

 ....and here we are at Vicksburg Ms !

Union Ulysses s Grant  campaign for the siege  of Vicksburg Ms. waged from May 18 to July 4 1863   during the Civil War . We took a self guided (16 mile if we had done all))  tour of the National Military park and cemetery, viewing the dugouts bunkers and 144 cannons and total of 1300 sculptures, markers and state monuments in place It covers more than 1800 acres , Of special interest was the USS Cairo Museum and  rest9ored iron clad ship USS Cairo. On Dec 12,1862, in the Yazoo river north of Vicksburg, Cairo was struck by two underwater torpedoes( today called mines) sinking in less than 12 minutes with no loss of life. The ironclad the last remaining of it's kind, is now in display. It was brought up after 100 years in the water and painstakingly reassembled for display within the park , (as I have pictures of. )The park has laid to rest,  the remains of over 17,000 Civil War Union Soldiers.

"See what a lot hold,of land these fellows  of which Vicksburg is the key. Let us get Vicksburg and that country is ours. The war can never be brought to a close until that key is in our pocket"     Abraham Lincoln


The Paddlewheel     careful attention given to protect reains of the USS Cairo. using  these support beams

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