December 23, 2015

save Jeff goodendorf for weigand family record update

Rachael & Sara Goodendorf live in the Belingham Washington area. Rachael as 4 kids: Blake who is about 16 (he was born on my birthday Sept 24 then there is Summer at 13 Cameron & Jayden not sure younger. Blake is by one father, Summer by another and Jayden & Cameron by a 3rd none of whom my daughter has married. She is with the father of Cameron & Jayden and they are supposed to be getting married (I'm not invited so I don't know when) My ex told them I was a wife beater and an alcoholic believe I'm am none of those. They consider Marcy their 2nd mom and love her more than me I think she wonders why they don't see through their mother because if I was that bad why would Marcy have stayed with me for 32 years. My son Eric lives in Japan and is married to a wonderful Japanese national Miho. I don't know how long they have been together she is his 2nd wife. Sara is sickly very smart, graduated from high school at 12 and college at 16 but has no immune system (possibly Agent Orange related) she also has diabetes and asthma. Wanted to be an English professor and has a degree to teach but can't be around people because she gets sick too easily. She turned in to a drug addict because of this and just had a baby that she lost to social services because of it. I haven't seen my daughters in over 21 years or talked to them. Rachael will only converse with me over FB and on her terms I have to watch every word I say. I didn't see Eric from the time he was 17 until he was 40, 23 years. My parents would turn over in their grave to hear all of this. This is why I say I am a failure all I wanted to do was have a family. My mom was diabetic and stopped taking her insulin when Sandy my ex cut her off from the kids. She is a terrible person Marcy hates her. I carried heath insurance on all 3 kids until they reached 18 paid all my child support even when it hurt us drove 850 miles one even when it hurt us drove 850 miles one way every summer to bring them down for 2 weeks. I don't even have my kids phone #s. Eric has no kids and isn't there goes the family name/line & a tradition of moving the father's name to the 32nd name of the son. Eric is 40 Sara 38 and Rachael 36 also have the Vietnamese daughter Lisa. My Vietnamese daughter Lisa (Huong Nguyen) is 43 I have an 18 yr old grandson Alyx that I have met once when he was 11. I have only seen her once in 2005 when she found me over the internet. Her mom lives there also (Pennsylvania outside of Pittsburg). That's my family. I am 67. Then there's Marcy she's 78 she has 2 sons Dave & Rick Rick has 2 kids that consider me their grandfather I am closer to them than my own. Miranda Korkes is 21 and has our great grand daughter Alyson & Ricky is 28 (?) hard to keep track. No kids for him yet a darling live in girl friend. Miranda is getting married this summer also. They live in Oregon Ricky lives in Atascadero Calif. Scattered all over the place. The rest of Marcy's family is Morristown NJ. Will do more later she just came home from work

held on hoping she would come around. I have never mentioned any of this to the kids. I have never said anything bad the worse was to say their mother pawned my trumpet and threw away my Vietnam medals and pictures that was enough to set Rachael off for a year. It is not my place to say anything so I have always taken the brunt of it. My dad taught me to respect women. So they have gone through life thinking their father is a terrible person. It has been both our loss. I have never seen my grandkids and never will. have never even talked to them. I came from a close family and this hurts. If Marcy dies before me I will wind up homeless in the streets here in Los Angeles. That's life.
Dec 2015
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