April 27, 2015

The Bronze Shoes ~ A Joan & Stephanie moment to remember...

 Though a while since someone you have lost in this life has occurred,  But there are times we smile and remember some things so fondly , from a small situation. It is strange indeed how memories can lie dormant in a person's mind for years. Yet those memories can be awakened and brought forth fresh and new, just by something you've seen, have  heard ,   the sight of an old familiar face, or even the smell of something ( fresh basked rolls from the oven will often remind me of walking into mom's house on a baking day).
Yesterday I was helping my sister in law, Donna, pack some items from the upstairs and came across these bronze baby shoes, with the name plate of Joan Wellman on them  ( (1962-1977) . I brought them home and was showing them to my daughter Stephanie. She said she wondered if the photo was still in them? This puzzled me as Joan passed away when Stephanie was only 8 years old, and 35 years ago!  Stephanie then reached in and there it was...a very small photo of a young boy. I don't know who it was of but Stephanie said she asked Joanie at the time, why she kept the photo in the shoe and Joanie said "He is my boyfriend and I don't want dad to see it so I keep it here"..and it remained in this shoe all these years!  Being a young girl herself I am sure her  first  crush was  special. Perhaps someone will recognize this handsome  boy that captured her young heart.
I just love telling this story today...a sweet memory returned through my daughter. Behind the shoes, I framed a photo I had of her dad  and will try to scan the little photo to show you as well.

Update..we have a name for this handsome young man...Bill Haenitsch
Stephanie McLean Yep, she had a secret crush. Back when I was in grade school, I was at her house visiting and the shoes were sitting on top of their tv console at the time. I don't remember how it came up but I recall her showing me the picture and telling me that she hid it because she didn't want to be teased about it by her folks. I hadn't seen those shoes or thought about that afternoon since in 35 years or so and when my mom showed them to me yesterday, I was amazed that the first thing that popped in my head was to look in that shoe for the picture and there was the boy.
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