October 23, 2014

best friends and moms

I have always liked this photo taken by Bob Popp on their visit to Illinois around 1989.Pictured are   Kathy Popp and her mother Mertyl Stark., mom and myself.   Kathy and I became good friends when we  both entered nurses training at KSB School of nursing in 1963  We were also  bridesmaids in each others weddings and  attended several of each others  children's weddings as well. This has not been always possible to do as  she and Bob live in Florida and distance a problem for frequent visits. One this particular day we both had our moms with us. What is so remarkable , each mom lived 100 years and Mertyl  just celebrated yet another year !   Kathy and I used to laugh at ourselves when we would  call  each other up on New Years Day...reporting how we  went to bed early and our moms stayed up past midnight to watch the ball drop and listen to Guy Lombardo's Old Lang Syne.   What a blessing to have our moms for so many years...and also to pick up the phone and chat as it were yesterday we last saw each other.  What does Old lang syne mean?  I looked it up and found that The title of the Scottish tune translates to “times gone  by and is about remembering friends from the past and not letting them be forgotten.   That says it all!  

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