August 19, 2014

Adeline Pomeroy..One of Lee Center's finest.


     One of the gals on FB was posting photos of her glads she planted this year, and it brought back memories of the most lovely lady that lived in my home town of  Lee Center, Illinois .... Mrs Pomeroy. She lived in Sonny and Bonnie Fisher 's home and had an acre of land in which she  would raise glads for local brought them to church on Sundays. I always loved this photo of her and the good memories of playing cards with her  . I posted this on FB for those from Lee er to see.. She is  loved and well remembered by so many.

In 1893 Mr. Pomeroy was united in marriage to Miss Adaline D. Thornton. Mrs. Pomeroy engaged in teaching in Lee county for several years previous to her marriage. She and her husband have six children: Philip E., who was born July 30, 1894; Richard T., whose birth occurred May 11, 3896; Helen L., born September 24, 1897; Edith E., December 27, 1901; Vernon S., December 6, 1903; and Floyd S., July 8, 1905. 

Janice White Grandma Pomeroy. Loved that lady she always would give me a glad when I collected paper money. Had her flowers wedding too
  • Cindy Boyenga I almost planted glads , remembering her this spring...maybe next year..and take some to church.
  •  Karen Wellman Roth She was one sweet lady. She had a silver dollar plant that fascinated me. Always enjoyed being with Grandma Pomeroy 
  • Shirley J Morgan I remember going to see her beautiful glads in bloom. What a nice lady! 
  •  Janice White Hey Shirley! I do that all the time
  •  Jeanette Keegan What a lovely story!
  • Sharon Schnell I can still remember Mrs. Pomery's glads!
  • Helen Page She was a very tiny lady; so sweet. I remember going to her to "buy" flowers for Moms birthday; I doubt I had even a nickel; probably cashed in a pop bottle at Hills garage. She gave me a lovely bouquet of glads.
  • Lela Kraber i remember her beautiful flowers also
  •  Cindy Boyenga ..I also remember the gorgeous flowers,  the smell of cookies baking,   her beautiful home that  looked so warm and inviting. However, most of all, I remember how her eyes and lines in her face would crinkle into the most wonderful smile ! 
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