July 8, 2014

Summer flowers and foliage 2014

Every year I marvel at the beauty of these flowers. Mom gave me starts of them years ago. Though no longer with us, she comes back every summer  with  her flowers. My sister sent me this poem today that reminded us of mom

      A garden plot’s a healing spot;
      just how I do not know,
      But as I watched my mother work
      Her eyes just told me so.
      When she was troubled, I could tell;
      She’d take her spade and go
      To her own private piece of earth
      and dig it row by row;
      And then she’d kneel and take the soil
      to sift it here and there,
      Talking softly as se worked-
      Perhaps it was a prayer.
      A garden plot’s a healing spot;
      I know the feel of sod
      Was my dear mother’s way to say,
      “I’ve touched a bit of God.”
Mom used to say the vegetables from the garden were God’s food; she found fulfillment and peace working in her garden and flowers.


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