July 15, 2014


It has been a busy day Our  grandson,  Sean, and Uncle Don got to enjoy some time together .  W.e went down to pick his two 80 ft rows beans while the ground allows us to get into the 2 bushels ++ ( which I am presently canning) ..Uncle Don took charge of Seanie for a while...they rode around the yard on his rider mower,sat in his boat, , dug potatoes as Don answered a gazillion questions Sean had on gardening ( and fishing) !! ..I am sure he thinks Uncle don must be very wise to know so much about how to grow things .He was equally impressed that aunt Donna has made us some vegetable soup using everything from the garden, except the ground was delicious and tho I thought maybe Sean would not want vegetable soup..he gobbled it right down. so good to see kids show interest in gardening...I think he must have some of grandpa Bob McLeans and Uncle Don's genes for gardening....came home with three tiny potatoes in his pocket and all sorts of tall stories from uncle Don. well...time to sign off..28 qts beans done..about 24 to go. BTW...aunt Donna gave hiom an ice cream bar on the way out the door...which ended up on our car we stopped by DQ for a blizzard.
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