June 12, 2014

When I saw this  sheet music ," To a Wild Rose ", the memories all came rushing back. And, I have to tell you, they weren't all good! Saturdays in my growing up days were a source of severe stress. I would  wake up, watch the clock, and hope for some kind of miracle to prevent me from having to go to my piano lesson. Of course that miracle never happened but it didn't stop me from wishing! I would get dressed and do some last minute practicing, that should have been done all week.

Now here's the irony of the whole matter! I loved music! I loved listening and singing , but something about playing the piano just was not in my blood. I must have given poor dad and mom headaches during practice, as dad would usually leave the house  when I was told to practice.  I especially didn't like practicing  scales   My piano teacher, Mrs Ziegler, was about as patient as anyone could be with a reluctant student as we went through the weeks assignment. I recall her taking the orchestra stick an tapping on the piano as i played wrong notes, and out of rhythm. (and I feared my fingers would be next). . And you can guess, this made me pretty anxious for  Saturdays' lessons to roll around!

Of course, by  Sunday , all stress was forgotten and I woke up with  sigh of relief it was over . Mom would take us to Sunday school and I would join other kids in singing along with Mrs Baylor and others directing us.   However, following Saturdays always came , and the  drama  begin all over again.
I have to thank my parents though for taking me down to Amboy every Saturday and paying for the lessons. I think they did help me appreciate  music and I really enjoy listening to classical piano  today.  The good news daughter inherited the musical aptitude of the Wellman family, and plays beautifully!
 I have a picture of me struggling at a piano recital, playing to a wild rose... I am just sitting there not remembering my of my most embarrassing moments of life.. ROTFL !!   (  no..I will not show the photo to anyone..)  However, I will show the photo of those that out up with all the "piano banging"  ~my fantastic family !

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