May 1, 2014

Teacher's Garden ..thanks to all the teachers out there making a difference!

     In order to do a good job,  teachers should  have a plan that is called a "teacher's garden" ( as described in a book called  Sometimes by Talkathon Club)
Photo by Cindy  Boyenga 2013 at Blackberry Farm Aurora,Illinois Our loved ones learning what going to an old school house was like in the early 1900's

Plant 5 rows of Peas
Plant 3 rows of Squash
     Squash Criticism
     Squash Indifference
     Squash Malice
Plant 5 rows of Lettuce (Let Us)
     Let us Love One Another
     Let us Be Faithful to Duty
     Let us Accept Responsibility
     Let us Respect Authority
     Let us Practice Teamwork
No garden is complete without turnips (turn up)
     Turn up with Positive Attitude
     Turn up with New Ideas
     Turn up with Renewed Determination
     Turn up with the  Right Perspective
if we sow seeds of faith, hope, and charity, we will reap the harvest of our labor. 
I we sew the seeds of doubt, hatred, malice, they will grow and unchecked will choke out every worthy virtue
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