February 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Steve!

43 years ago  , we welcomed our handsome little guy into this world.  "Bo" a nickname given him while at Krieder Services  Day care program in Dixon , Il.  enjoyed being with his family at Casa Willis  Group Home and then this weekend with  us at home. Steve presently is enrolled at Self help Enterprises . He   is such a fun  guy and  loves  his family dearly .   Some of Steve's  favorite activities are listening to music, watching Tv, attending church,  and going on family outings.  Steve has reached many important milestones in his lifetime and we are so proud of him. Having Down's Syndrome is a hard road for  learning new skills,  and he has always shown us his amazing patience and determination.
We love our   young man and hope he has a great birthday!

Happy Birthday Steve!
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