November 7, 2013

special message to save ..To karen and cindy, from helen

  However I do want you both to know how blessed I am to have sisters like you both. You have always been there for me and my family, above and beyond what I would have ever thought of. So many memories of you both supporting and being there that I cannot begin to list them all. I do not feel I have been that worthy of such devotion, and can only say Thank You for your love and help in times of need. Also, I know you feel like I do that we have been blessed with our Sisters in laws Donice, Dee and Donna. Donice helped so many in her quiet way; in those last years she drove to Oregon to help me at the nursing home calling Bingo every week no matter what the weather. Dee never asks for help with her family, she stepped up to plate after Howie died and assumed the responsibilities that he normally took care of, then bringing her father into her home and being the person responsible for Velda. The gift of her kidney for Susan took great courage and she never flinched from that. She always comes to family gatherings when able and always upbeat. Then there is the special blessing of Donna when Don was so lost after Donice passed away. She led him to the Lord and what a difference this has made in his life. So wonderful to see him laugh again and going places with her. We had such a secure and loving homelife; Mom and Dad taught us the value of family togetherness and unconditional love. I think of them often; said a Happy Birthday to Mom on the 4th. (Of course it really was the 1st you know(LOL)) You probably saw that our adopted Sister Judy celebrated a birthday today; I e-mailed her, she is in Florida now. So much more I could say about you 2 but I think you can tell just how much I love you both and am thank-ful God decided we should be together in the June and Howard Wellman family. Take care, Love, Sis
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