September 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Ashley!

The sweet little girl is Ashley & turns 11 years old today!  Last Saturday, Bob and I  treated Ashley to a birthday party with four friends at the White Pines roller rink. The girls all had a wonderful time , as photos show. Every kid needs to feel extra special on her birthday, and Ashley is no exception. ...this really brought some  happy memories for her and  though now older and ready to enter 8th grade (2017)  we still look back and feel blessed she is in our lives and always will be .    .

Singles skate, ladies only...but one little boy didn't hear that part..LOL

Taking a break...feet feeling "sore"

Below, This young man was infatuated with several of the girls, telling them he "loved them"...except he was a player and  told several the same message...brought lots of giggles at first...then they changed his name to "jerk' ha ha

They also enjoyed a couple pizzas and some lemonade

Being her birthday  party, Ashley was asked to lead several of the skaters in relay games..

Explaining how to do the chicken dance and hokey pokey

couples only... skate

changing partners
watching Ashley lead the  four corners game

 Poor Cloey  didn't get to go...but sure jumped in for a photo

what a sweet smile..pure happiness!

The girls cheered her on  to get those candle blown out.
.took several tried , when the would relight!

Put your right arm in and shake it all about!
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