August 19, 2013


This is a winter scene that is special to me. The old garage back home, is no longer standing. It was built by my dad in 1951 . Later years, Helen  walked out into knee deep snow, one Christmas morning 1997 , and took this snapshot and I later added a grapevine Christmas wreath to the window..Seeing the beauty around us ,somehow helps feel dad was nearby  .

 Christmas mornings were magical in my childhood, and this day, years later,  was no exception.

Another memory was in 1951..was my brothers wedding day Dec  26th.
 Delores and Howard Wellman were married after Christmas . He was on leave from the Army and the wedding was held in Rochelle . Wouldn't you know, a big snow storm came that day with big drifts . Mom was worried we would not be able to get to the wedding but dad put tire chains on the old Plymouth and got us there on time ! (Followed a snowplow) It was the most beautiful wedding ... And the first wedding i would see .Dee didn't have to worry about flowers , as the church had lots of poinsettias .Happy memory for my big brother that day. I never saw a bigger smile than when his bride said " I do". Also my brother don comes to mind. He was Howard's best man. My sister, Helen  wrote "I remember it well; probably the first wedding I had been to also. Also the first time I had nylons on...but not for long. Brother Don whistled at me, I immediately took them off even though Mom tried to talk me out of it. I remember seeing Aunt Mary there, had not seen her before also."

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