August 1, 2013

Mississippi Valley Fair 2013

This will be one of our last  trips this has been a lot of fun as we have seen many things...I think both the  the  Putman Museum Monarch Butterfly exhibit  and earlier this year..dinosaur exhibit were amazing plus the John Deere Pavilion was a fun trip..and of course..the Mississippi River Museum was a blast! Where else could a kid float on a raft as Tom Sawyer and learn how to steer a barge through the locks...and even catch a  catfish with bare hands from a hole in the Mississippi River?? is all there to see  in Dubuque.!  the Mississippi Valley Fair, Davenport, Iowa.. was really awesome today and we had such a great time!  However,  school will soon be in one last fling.. an ice cream party in our front lawn for all the neighborhood kids.Sean is our grandson ♥ and Ashley is the daughter of David and Chasity  ( and is also very dear to us  ♥ ) After the fair, we came home and were greeted by kids on Main St and decided to have an ice cream party!  Total of 14 kids!
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