May 30, 2013

My first ..and last ...52 inch square quilt

Every family has one person known to be a wonderful quilt maker..and in ours, it is not to be me. I made this from some odds and ends of fabric scraps..will use it for a table covering or on my deacon's bench..with a couple pillows ( yet to make if I do use it on the bench)  My sister, Helen , is a wonderful quilt maker  and inspires me to want to try..but thinking this will be my last attempt at a quilt.but will always enjoy seeing and appreciating quilts others do. .  It is not an easy thing to do,nor rip out when mistakes are  made..! ( and I have no patience for it) LOL!!
So it first and last quilt..ha ha ha
(Cindy the seamless seamtress)
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