January 5, 2013

Butterflies in the winter visit us!

     This winter we have had some fun at the Boyenga house, enjoying our butterflies. As a science project, Ashley has been nurturing  some caterpillars for about 3 weeks now and has learned first hand, of the incredible life of the painted lady butterfly. she has been so fascinated with it and learning things that are did you know the painted lady had 10,000 eyes, tastes with its feet ,and breaths through it's abdomen?
      As Ashley watched the chrystalloids form into what we normally call cocoons, it was fun watching  these beautiful butterflies emerge!  Next project will be keeping them fed with sweetened water and orange slices, which they love. They also enjoy basking in the sun by our window.  the biggest surprise came three days ago when we found a fourth butterfly  freely enjoying our house ..we had no idea a fourth had evolved or  had escaped the carrier! all four are together again now.
     We hope they live long enough to set them free this spring.  Ashley is making a table display of the butterfly life cycle and will be demonstrating this at the school's science fair this spring.  She has made replicas of  butterflies, cocoons, caterpillars using clay, paper, beads etc...and has done a great job, don't you agree?

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