December 9, 2012

Christmas Day 1997

                    A photo of the garage dad built in the 1950's . You'll never know how many memories come flooding back from a single picture taken years ago. This particular day, we had driven down to Lee Center early afternoon to help mom get  the evening meal preparations started.  It was a gorgeous day in the afternoon, with the sun glistening on new fallen snow  . I was missing dad , remembering when he built this garage, which would become his work shed and later mom's garden shed. He hand poured the cement blocks himself and let me help with sifting gravel from sand through a screen. He poured a new sidewalk from the house at that same time. The garage stood for over 60 years and served  the folks well . On this particular Christmas day, I hung a grapevine wreath on the garage window, which stayed there until the house was sold  a few years later.  Once again, I recall my parents, missing them ,the legacy they left us  and the good memories they gave us each Christmas. May each of you have some good memories made this year as well!     .
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