November 25, 2012

Recently I , along  with the help of my  brother, Don Wellman and husband Bob   prepared dad's WW1 Navy uniform to donate to the Amboy IL  Depot Museum. . Considering it was over 92 years ago, the wool uniform is in pretty good condition.   .I purchased his old military records from National Personnel Records.. for his  Military Personnel records  ( these can be obtained by family members  @ 9700 Page Avenue, St Louis Mo 63132.)  Dad went into the Navy when he was  very young. . He had left  home at age 16 years  to work on the Louisiana Pipeline after his mother died  , and shortly returned  to enlist  into the Navy in 1917   to serve in the war effort.  He was assigned on the USS Rainbow as a stores keeper ,  and was Yeoman  3rd class  . Pictured is his ship at   Boston yards 1920. Also photos of dad I put into a collage to  display with his uniform.
The Amboy Depot Museum will be open today Nov 25th..  1-4pm  and welcomes all  , open during the Amboy Christmas Walk.
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