November 8, 2012

Christmas cactus and platemats

It bloomed earlier than usual this year, but isn't my Christmas Cactus a beauty!  This is year three... and it bigger and lives still!

I have a confession to make though, I am a known killer to the Christmas is in my wrap sheet..I once killed a 150 year old family heirloom Christmas Cactus!

Here is the rest of the story.....

About 15 years ago, my dear departed mother in law, Clara, presented me with a wonderful gift ... her grandmother's Christmas Cactus. Like this one, it was in full bloom and what a treasure to receive! It was much larger though and had survived for 150 years , lovingly nurtured by 3 generations. Clara said they were easy to care for...just stick it under a bush in the summer, forget about it , and bring it inside in the would bud and bloom in time for Christmas... The first killing frost came and too late ,I suddenly remembered...THE CACTUS was outside yet!! I ran outside. to the bush that it was under to retrieve it, but it was too sat there wilted and all black from the deadly freeze it had received. There was nothing to even save. I never told my mother in law I had killed the plant that generations had cared for , as she passed away that year and never knew. . I am glad I never had to tell her....but I knew.

Last year I decided to try once again, to grow a Christmas Cactus. This time, I followed her instructions and brought it inside before the first frost came. Somehow I think Clara is up there in Heaven pulling some strings , as this sure is a beauty! Each time I look at it, I can now smile and remember of the day she fondly presented me with her blooming Christmas Cactus... and no longer feel the guilt...but only love in my heart for the lady that once gave me such a lovely gift.

Thanksgiving will soon be here...Bob and I want
to wish everyone Happy Holidays! 

  I  saw this pieced placemat pattern foor Christmas..Started working on them yesterday..aren't they pretty!

whoops  the corners are not as easy as they seem...and I thought I had a perfect cut and 1/4 inch seam...this will take some practice!

all need to quit them...
by hand or machine..that is the question!

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