October 28, 2012

Memories of Halloween

Memories of Halloween at Grandma Wellman's House..Lee Center

I wonder how many, from Lee Center , will recognize their picture?   These pictures were taken at moms home the year before she moved into a nursing home, having suffered a stroke.  This year  Halloween  was a happy time for us all  ...  sis and I would help mom fix goodies for her to  have ready for the grand kids  and those in  town. She would have them sign a guest book and circle the table and pick out their favorite home made treats. Many adults that came with their kids, remembered coming to moms as children themselves and looked forward to returning each year. she also had hot coffee and cider...which she called "wormy spider apple cider"  and the kids would laugh and say ewwwww! The treats were named as well.... and of course, Grandma loved to decorate the yard for her visitors!
  These are priceless pictures...
Thanks for the good memories..We love and will always
miss you grandma!!!

Ghosts and Goblins and other Little Creatures!



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By 9 pm grandma would wait for her good Friend , Rosemary   to stop by and they would enjoy some hot coffee, left over treats,  and game of skipbo.. they both are in Heaven now, and know they would remember fondly, these special times
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