August 7, 2012

old photos from Modern Pioneer.

I came across these old photos posted on a favorite face book site I like to visit...Modern Pioneer
They remind me of stories mom would tell of her life in the hard depression days and before. She lived almost to 100  years. Seeing these photos also reminds of what primitive really was..and not what  the modern conceptions  is often seen as.  Women and men both worked hard back then and accepting a handout was seen as accepting "charity" and used their resourced carefully..nothing wasted. Make do's were a way of life as we grew up. Being the youngest of five, hand me downs came from older sibblings. I remember mom darning socks , canning, washing clothes in an old wringer washer. she said they had a cow for milk and traded milk for eggs..... The folks always let us know it would have been a shameful thing  to accept  government hand outs , as the WPA was at that time.  They had a couple fields they worked and larger garden and fruit orchard to can from, plus dad hunted for meat for mom to can  in the earlier days. Their family never went hungry in the Great depression  . Seeing the newspaper on the walls reminds me of mom saying they had newspaper on the kitchen walls for insulation  as in the winters, ice would form on the walls. she had an old cook stove and no running water but a cistern and town well  about a block away for fresh water. we sure have it made today!!! Enjoy the photos and count your blessings.
I saw no credits with the photos, which no doubt are very old ones.


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