August 31, 2012

Minnesota State Fair & meeting some friends!

We just returned from a wonderful trip up north, having the destination of going the the Minnesota State Fair. What a wonderful scenic drive it was...We decided to call our trips.,"Exploring America's back roads a few days at a time " Can you tell we are American Picker Fans? We left Illinois early Monday morning and the day was gorgeous as we headed up the Iowa side of the Mississippi River. While passing over the water causeway /bridge to Sebula Iowa, we saw several White Pelicans, Blue Heron , Geese , and Sea Gulls. I was especially interested in the many Eagles in flight from the high bluffs and air currents providing them to glide over the river in search of food.

Our first "honey hole", as Mike and Frank would say,  was a real find..some of the best honey I ever tasted! We paid 20.00 for one quart ...delicious!

We arrived to the MN State Fair Monday Evening. The Stadium was where we watched several shows...Gary Puckett, The Buckingham's, , The Turtles, and others...all great shows that took us back to the 60's! .   
 The rides are all super sized and  a little too exciting for me...but was fun watching others !

 And when tired walking...we would ride this!

..or sit a while and listen to live  music being played
  in the Pavilion.

After walking all over the first day, we went back to the motel and put our feet up...We used a transit bus, which took some getting used to at first, but soon became pros at it. 
 We were unsuccessful in finding our friend's Boothes at the fair.    ..but thanks to Tonya, an on line friend...she told me exactly where to go...this place is huge.,.and I would have never found Kathleen and  Roseann without her help..and using my lap top to SOS a message to the forum!

Out of dozens of buildings, sections and such..we found Heritage Square...the place we needed to go find Kathleen and Roseann!  We met their husbands as well  .  Bob and Jerry both great guys..and of course..Kathleen and Roseann were surprised  we showed  we were not expected!  Their Boothe's were amazing and not doubt their sales awesome!

We had a nice visit and things picking up with business, so we did some shopping and were on our way. so glad I got to meet these wonderful ladies!
There are so many buildings, displays,  and demonstrations would be impossible to mention them all. I found the bee keeper demo that area,,was live demonstration of bee keeping and lectures,  honey and honey products for sale, bees wax carvings( awesome!) and more I especially loved the Creative Arts building. I visited it three times. Some of the nations finest talent in quilts, sewing  crafts, beading and more are housed here.  Our very own Roseann  (of Rose Buds Cottage) was a sponsor of two blue ribbon winners! ( and probably more I didn't see)

I loved the little fairy/knome houses and rock carvings that were on display near the Horticultural building.

a one big pumpkin ( on the left! )
If it was on a stick or fried...they had it to sell...along with every other kind of food imaginable!  We enjoyed the corn on the cob and home made root beer...both enough to fill us up for our supper!
I have a couple more photos  that my son in law is sending me  .  
 I will post  these later later. They are the quilts in the Creative Arts building that RoseBud's Cottage sponsopred.

I have a message for my sister is a nice fellow you might recognize???

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