July 13, 2012

In Memory of my big brother, Howard Wellman Jr.

   July  arrives and as each year passes,  good memories continue,  remembering my oldest  brother, Howard Wellman,   birthday .    He was born July 27th 1931 Amboy, Il. . He passed away on March 27th, 1990 in Dixon Il .,  from cancer  .   He lived a happy and full productive life, both as a civil engineer for Willet and Hoffman associates, but also as a husband.  father, and grandfather . In his younger years he was  known to  my  brother , sisters and his close friends,  as "Howie".  Being 15 years old than myself, I don't remember a lot about Howie being home but do have many good memories of when he would come home on furloughs  from the Army, and his marriage to "Dee" his wife. (Delores Wellman)  . He was a private in the US Army and later would attend the University of Illinois to study Civil Engineering. His work in civil engineering was praised more than once by his coworkers and business associates. Our family prides his accomplishments in college and that his name was placed on a plaque for the President's list at U Of I.  He married my sister in law. Delores Mosimann,  the day after Christmas Dec 26, 1951 in Rochelle Illinois. I remember mom being worried about  us not making it to the wedding, as there was a big snow storm in progress..but dad said he could get us there and he did! He and Delores would have three children, Susan, David and Diane .  As we grew up and Howie would come home for Christmas, Karen and I both well remember the fun that he and Don  provided us ...swinging up high to the ceiling, always was a thrill for little kids! 

He had  four   grand children. Jamie, Caryn, Jennifer and Ashley ( Ashley born was born 2 yars after his death in 1992). Howie and Dee  also enjoyed traveling, fishing, camping, and  developing the land, including a  small lake, on his property in Dixon.    One of the things I will treasure all my life is the support he would give as a big brother, when my family needed it. Howie would come through with doing the most thoughtful things for us. Be it taking mom to Texas with his trailer for the winters, providing the  health care for his daughter Sue,  stopping by the hospital  for visits to my family , or giving support for my son who has special needs,  , he was always there for us all . I miss his absence from our lives now, but always appreciated that we were given the gift of having him as our big brother.   He loved reading science fiction and collected many books over the years.  In his later years he enjoyed playing games on the computer, reading,  watching to sports , and  traveling with their camper with Dee.    He loved  Dee's cooking,  and also mom's  home made yeast  rolls. 

 He  dedicated his life to providing for his family.

There's not a day that goes by that we all  don't think of you Howie !

If here with us today, I would give you a Cindy bear hug for your birthday!

 We love and miss you ! 

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