June 26, 2012

Canning meat, and catch up news...

We had a busy day today. first it started with hiring a man to cut down a larger sized pine tree that was dying in our yard..when we arrived home we discovered a second tree belonging to the city had been ordered to be cut down as well...which we were very happy as it was a hazzard to pedestrians.

 Some nice people stopped by next door with the realtor and bought the old house next to us. It still needs a lot of work on the outside, but a good  solid house with good bones!  I think being younger they will have  a lot of fixing up but it will be a great home once they are done.

We went to Sams Club and  I bought a lot of stew meat that was marked down for quick sale..and brought it home to can..I ended up with 19 jars canned beef! I did 12 jars boned cooked chicken last week.

We have had some fantastic luck lately ate rummage sales In Sterling. Above is an under the counter TV and in box and never used for 20.00. bob said somethiong about" anolog" problem ( what ever that    but he figured out how we could still hook it up to our Satalite TV . I love having it in the kitchen while canning and cooking.

the wicker chair set also has a small  3 drawer dresser and we got the set with cushions for 60.00 ! I decided it needed a patriotic piloow after my friend Gail showed me a picture of one...and I then knew I had to have it for this chair! I had a Lincoln log patchwork square added plus red fabric strips sewn onto  quilted muslin...very simple and fast!

While in the Quad cities shopping, Stephanie and I talked Bob into stopping at Hobby Lobby. I found  some supplies for a  craft day project at grandmas house next time the kids are here. These are flat shaped ornaments and plan to add some of their photos inside and embellish with ribbon and snowflakes.  
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