March 4, 2012

Money business at Oz

Last Fall I signed up to join an OZ ornament swap. they were to be around 6-7 inches and any medium used I decided to try my hand at clay...which I have to give all you clay people a lot of credit..this is not easy! the main body is Styrofoam when I pressed into shape and covered with clay...the legs are lollipop sticks. These flying monkeys in the movie, as you remember, were not very cute.. so I didn't have t worry there!

 . Here is the whimsical fella in the rough...he will be a  folk art style . He doesn't stand up too well...
but then he is a flying monkey right???

I think I will add some pin striping yet to their jackets
and a red circular mouth...
They will be flying to my Oz friends  soon!
a special surprise...a Dorothy red shoe!

Cindy  ...the official Oz Monkey lady
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